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Stop ”kill gays” bill in Uganda! Love does not deserve Death!

Dear Friend,

Uganda's parliament just announced that they are extending the Spring session for one extra day—an extraordinary move showing the parliament's commitment to pushing this death penalty law through by whatever means necessary.

Time is short so we need act fast. Nearly 500,000 people have joined our campaign to stop this bill, and together we've created an international outcry noticed by politicians and the media around the world.

Now we need to turn up the heat and get other key world leaders to condemn this hateful bill before it goes up for a vote on Friday. The president of Uganda has listened to pressure from international figures and allies in the past, and now if enough influential leaders speak out they can help impact his decision—so they need to hear directly from you.

Can you call your head of government and ask them to loudly and publicly condemn Uganda's LGBT death penalty law? Click here to use our calling tool that makes it easy to find your Head of State’s phone number and a quick message you can pass on:

In the last three days All Out, a global movement for LGBT equality, has grown in to a powerful community of over half a million people in every country of the world. On Wednesday we spoke to Bishop Christopher Senyonjo in Kampala, the internationally renowned human rights defender and outspoken supporter of LGBT equality, who presented your petition to Parliament with other human rights activists. He is inspired by your support, and told us to share these words with you all:

The pressure should keep coming. We have to keep it up. This international support energizes me, and all of those speaking out for human rights in Uganda. We know we are not alone: people all over the world are of the same mind on these important issues. These are issues of justice and love for other human beings.

If this bill doesn’t come up for a vote this Friday, we’ll be able to claim a major victory for human rights—and save lives in Uganda. But if it does come to a vote, the Ugandan government could shortly pass a brutal law that imposes life imprisonment for people convicted of same-sex relations and the death penalty for “serial offenders”. President Museveni is the one person who can stop this, by either vetoing a bill or pressuring Parliament not to vote on it. But we need to make sure he hears from other world leaders so he can do the right thing. Please take just one minute to make a phone call that can help save lives:


This global movement for the simple right to live and love freely is unstoppable, but as this hateful bill shows, there are still many hurdles in the historic battle for human rights and full equality. This is one of those milestone moments, and by raising your voice you have already made a huge difference. Now that the fight is down to the wire, we all have the powerful opportunity to stand in solidarity with the brave folks in Uganda fighting to beat back this bill.

Let’s keep going All Out together to defeat this assault on human rights and dignity, and continue working for a world of equality, everywhere.
With admiration and hope,
Andre, Erika, Guillaume, Jeremy, Joseph, Prerna, Nita, Oli, Tile, Wesley and the rest of the team at All Out

PS – This global response is having a huge impact. Don’t forget to make a quick call to your head of state, and then tell your friends to do the same: www.allout.org/ugandacall


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